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Lion King spin-off "The Lion Guard' to air on Disney Junior in 2015

Disney Junior plans to launch “The Lion Guard” with an hourlong movie in November of 2015, followed by regular episodes the following January.

Mitchell Stein- Looks like Boy Meets World isn't the only Disney franchise to be resurrected back to television again this year. In a very surpirsing announcement made today revealed by the Wall Street Journal, Disney Junior is producing a series based off The Lion King set to air sometime in 2015.

“It’s kind of like ‘The Lion King’ meets ‘The Avengers,’” says Disney Junior general manager Nancy Kanter in the article. The plot story follows a cub named Kion, who is the son of Simba from the Lion King films, who assembles a group of animals to help him protect the pride lands. You might be familiar with Simba's daughter Kiara, who appeared in the direct-to-video sequel The Lion King II: Simba's Pride. Unless they plan to incorporate Kiara into this brand-new series this probably makes the canon in Simba's Pride completely irrelevant and may even pretend that the film didn't exist, which is likely as the movie was received a bit more critical reception than the original film, although it leveled up as a direct-to-video film. No recognition is found much in the world of Disney movies, theme parks or merchandise, so it's possible Disney chose to forget about that one altogether.

The new series, is set to premiere on Disney Channel sometime in 2015. It is unknown if it will have any specific connection to Disney Afternoon's Timon and Pumbaa television series.
Full article from The Wall Street Journal with pictures:

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