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Re: Fan Film Writer's Primer


When we put out revisions, often I'll find there are pages that "spill" over after the script has been locked. Depending on how much of a "spill" -- one line of action description, a "END OF ACT/EPISODE" notation, etc. -- I sometimes "cheat" the page in Final Draft.

Other times, it's less clear what will be acceptable. If the goal is to keep the episode script at 50 pages, there's often room to play with it, given how each act can start on a new page. Other times, you just bite the bullet and let the program create the "A" page and be done with it.

Either way, the important consideration in each case isn't what will look tidiest on the page itself, but how it will affect everyone down the line from wardrobe to props to set dec to production. They say a script is a blueprint. It literally is, and this is why.

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