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Re: LE: One Constant Star by David R. George III Review Thread (Spoile

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As for it being an "incredible story", that's your opinion. Everyone likes different things. I prefer starfleet officers that don't commit fake (or real) atrocities, at least not without an actual, definitive end of the federation level situation.
But that's the thing, in the book it is a potential end-level situation, or one so costly (i.e. in the billions) that the Federation could not survive a war with the Romulans, nor the Romulans with the Federation. To subvert hawks on both sides, and to sidestep a declining relationship with the Klingons which means that the Federation cannot count on its allies' aid in a war situation, Harriman plans a longterm op which should have 0 casualties (in the end it has 4). He is friends with Romulans, and it is an act designed to prevent the war that is established as impending and mutually destructive, and which Federation and Romulan fanatics seek believing they would, somehow, triumph. Rather than being a tale about an 'idiot' or some kind of monstrosity on Starfleet's part, it's a tale about having to overcome bloodlust and jingoism and seeking peace. The negative result, the introversion of the Romulans, isn't the goal either - instead it is ensuring that pacifism comes out on top.

Kirk55555, why don't you check out the text on Google Books - you can read some of the preview and get a sense of the book.
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