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Re: Will you be getting a PS4 or an Xbox One ?

I had Nintendo's briefing on in the background as I'm not much of a fan of theirs, but they seemed to have some good stuff on display. I feel they were probably the best of the big three, although I personally found the MS and Sony conferences more interesting.

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I also was not keen with one of M$ higher up's attitudes when it came to (at the time) the requirement (that they've since, provisionally, rescinded) that your Xbox One be online at all times. "if you want to play games that don't require you to be online, or if you don't have an online connection...there's another's called Xbox 360.".
Thankfully, that guy (Don Mattrick) was banished to Zynga within a month of that gaff. The new head of Xbox is Phil Spencer and he seems to have a better ear for what gamers actually want, which is why they dropped so many of their offputting policies, and why their E3 conference this year was focused intently on games.

At this point, I think the PS4 and Xbox One are fairly evenly matched. The PS4 has better hardware while the Xbox has better software, and they both have decent exclusives lined up. But I can't help shake the feeling that MS might not be committed to Xbox for the long haul. The Xbox brand was intended to use video games as a trojan horse to allow MS to take over the living room, but the tech industry has moved towards tablets and phones and controlling the living room isn't as important for MS any more. What's more, consumers just didn't want the Xbox when it was presented as a media centre, which suggests their vision they set out with 15 years ago may itself be flawed. MS shareholders have been increasingly vocal about dropping Xbox in recent years, and I fear that if the new Xbox management don't manage to turn things around quickly then MS could drop them, or sell the division to some other company. I don't have that fear about Playstation, they're far too important and successful for Sony to cut them loose.

I'm confident that PS4 will still be supported and will have new games five years from now. Xbox One probably will too, but I'm not confident about that.

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Project Morpheus however (VR headset for the PS4) could be a real wrench in MS' plans if it turns out to be good and receives some good games, so far i have not seen a similar device for the XO.
VR could be the biggest thing to happen to video games in decades. Or it could fizzle out like 3D did. But it is another reason to side with PS4 this gen because we know that Sony are at least experimenting with the concept.
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