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Re: star wars/star trek crossover cominig in 2016

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The problem with a crossover is no matter how it ends, some fans are going to be angry their side didn't kick the other's ass. The best you'd get is a stalemate.
I've always thought that Star Wars tech is pretty inferior, so Treknology would stomp all over their stuff. Unless, one or more fairly powerful Force users were in play. They would own the day, I think. Unless unless, a transporter operator got the drop on them and scrambled them all over the place. I'm thinking a Force user *might* be able to hold themselves together if they knew what was happening, but given that there are no transporters in Star Wars, they might get taken out before they knew what hit them.
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"Fallen prey"? I think we had our fun
I just mean there have been a lot of threads like this made, when their intent is obvious.
I think some of the posters at some Star Wars forum get drunk or troll-y or both and decide to come take the piss out of us. Like teacake said, it's usually good for a few laughs.
As the brilliant philosopher once said... Everybody, have fun tonight. Everybody, Wang Chung tonight.
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