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Re: I have a confession to make

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Nemesis is actually the best of the four TNG films. It is also the most cinematic, which figures since it is actually directed by a real live movie person.
Couldn't agree more - I remember when I first watched FC & INS and my heart sinking at the small scale sets, I had no such feelings on the opening of Nemesis, I know people like to criticise the Romulan senate set, but I though it looked gorgeous, and to people who say it looked so small, if you look at the opening scene where the camera comes in from orbit you can see that that room is basically an 'upper chamber' of a much larger building so to speak. The same goes for Riker's wedding - I never noticed a problem with that background until I joined these boards. In fact the only cost cutting I noticed were the interior shots of the Scimitar.

The film has an excellent Goldsmith score too it was great to hear the TMP theme again on the big screen in a scene other than the end credits.

There's some serious Enterprise-E porn in this movie too, the scene where it is approaching the planet where they find B4 is an absolute stunner. And that's before we even come to the battle. Not to mention a pair of never-before-seen Romulan Warbirds kicking ass.

My only real gripe is the screenplay which relies on a load of coincidences, and I could say that about any number of films.

Im in the minority but I love Nemesis.
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