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Can't wait to hear the details!
I enjoyed it, dub. At first, I thought it would be horrible. How wrong I was.

I don't know why Dr. Bashir gets a lot of flack. I liked him from the very start. His friendliness and approachability were a stark contrast to his station-mates. I liked how he went after Dax and failed miserably (until the S7 ret-con).

Speaking of Jadzia Dax, I failed to find an affinity with her. She was too "every-woman" for me. I find it a stretch to believe that a symbiont's memories can translate into the ability to wield a Bat'leth...and more than hold ones own against seasoned Klingon warriors. It's akin to me watching lots of martial arts instructional videos without training and going out to hand Anderson Silva an ass-whopping. I am in the middle opinion-wise regarding her marriage to our much loved Klingon.

The Odo-Quark dynamic was amazing from beginning to end. It added much needed comic relief to an otherwise serious drama series. It was a success in a franchise that failed at that particular aspect.

Now, the Dominion War. What a fascinating saga. I felt all warm and tingly inside watching it play out. This is exactly how I felt watching the Xindi arc in Enterprise...high praise (in my opinion) indeed. Sisko was fantastic here. How Garak got the Romulans involved, with Sisko's blessing was great. The interactions between the Founders/Vorta and the Cardassian's/Breen were excellent.

Jeffery Combs has to be the best guest actor in history.

The Bajoran's are a horrible and boring race. Only Kai Winn and Kira were interesting from them. The Bajoran religion fixation in season 7 was a let-down for me. I hated the whole emissary thing.

Why the hate for Ezri? She's so cute, sweet, adorable, lovable and so nice. I love her.
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