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I have a confession to make

I liked Star Trek: Nemesis.

The thing is, of all its flaws that have been articulated on this forum, I agree with all of them. Shinzon, as a villain, had so much potential, but this was all squandered by turning him ultimately into a character too cartoonish for his own good, whose only goal was to blow up Earth for some reason. And the cast and crew, they all looked tired, like they were only showing up for the paycheque. There's more, and yet, somehow I enjoyed it, as for all its flaws, the idea behind it was classic Trek, in that the whole Shinzon versus Picard, having grown up as physiologically identical people who endured vastly different upbringings wound up pursuing accordingly different paths. It seems to me that this movie is reinforcing the idea of nurture over nature, a rejection of the obsolete notion of fascism (and Shinzon is a classic fascist) in favour of more progressive ideals.

Also I am sort of tipsy while I write this. So keep that in mind.
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