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Re: Reason for Reliant's number?

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Where does the name Reliant come from? It's an odd name as such, a starship that is reliant on others rather than stalwart or inflexible or vengeful or whatever...
According to, reliant also means "confident, trustful", so the name makes more sense in that context.

Timo wrote: View Post
...Or then the fifth ship from the top is actually the Reliant!

The difference in width between "confirmed" 6 and 8 might be an illusion, as there appears to be some difference in, say, the width of the 7s appearing in different columns, too. I guess we can interpret this in a number of ways on screencap basis, and it would require analyzing all the film frames featuring this table to establish whether certain numbers are more likely to be 6 or 8.i
I think I gotta agree... it's hard to be absolutely certain, but in that screencap, the fifth number looks an awful lot like "1864" to me. There are fairly obvious 6s both immediately above and immediately to the right of the second digit in question, and it doesn't appear to look like either of them.

It's funny, I had once thought that when TOS was released in hi-def, it would clear up all the questions surrounding the Court Martial chart, but no such luck. Maybe when TOS comes out in 4K...
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