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Re: First Contact Time Travel Plot

Kevman7987 wrote: View Post
Crazy Eddie wrote: View Post personal theory that Zephram Cochrane had nothing to do with warp drive.

That rather, it was LILY who invented the warp drive and Zephram and was just a test pilot that Lily hired...
Ah, but Zephram Cochrane didn't even like to fly; he took trains.
Of course. He's probably a gutless fighter jock who washed out of NASA before the war and spent the last five years curled up in the bottom of a tequila bottle until Lily came along and talked his drunk ass into helping her with the Phoenix's orbiter.

And you wonder why he doesn't like to fly?

What's kind of interesting is that Cochrane doesn't seem to DO anything when the Enterprise crew is running around repairing the ship. It's not just his "Aw, fuck it" attitude when the ship gets busted, it's the fact that he spends most of that time skulking around drinking and otherwise shows no interest in the ship whatsoever. This is NOT AT ALL a man who could have overcome the kind of adversity and uncertainty he would have inevitably encountered in the design, construction and testing of the Phoenix.

I think Picard was absolutely right when he suggested the designer of the ship wouldn't abandon it, and had he known that Cochrane did EXACTLY that, he probably would have realized what was really going on. The inescapable fact is that even if it was Cochrane's scientific theories or equations that made warp drive possible -- which I highly doubt -- it's abundantly clear that the SHIP was Lily's baby. She even intimates this Picard when she tells him she spent several months pulling scraps together to build the cockpit; I can't imagine Zephram Cochrane doing much of anything during that time other than drooling on the floor blasting 60s tunes at full volume.

Most telling of all: Picard tells Lily "Actually we're not unlike yourself and Doctor Cochrane." Lily Chuckles, but doesn't get a chance to respond to that comment. If they hadn't run into the Borg at that exact moment I am 100% sure she would have said something like "You mean half your crew are a bunch of drunken losers who don't know a warp coil from a windshield wiper?"
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