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Re: USS Kelvin - is there an official size?

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Not a goof, dramatic licence for an "OMG we're gonna hiiiiit!" moment. I'll bet Abrams asked for it.
People keep referencing this scene, but the saucer in question wasn't actually that big. We get to see it from three different angles in the film and in all three angles it's roughly the same size as the Enterprise saucer. It just LOOKS big in one angle because its edges are out of frame (so is the Enterprise) and you're seeing it from its broadest side instead of edge-on like the Enterprise.
Its scale is inconsistent. It's much bigger in one of the shots. That the Enterprise's edges are out of frame matters little
It matters quite a bit, since we have no way to judge the relative sizes of the saucer (of EITHER ship) because we can't see all of it. Not that we're really MEANT to, the scene is cropped that way so that the saucer looks like a solid wall of pain that the ship now has to suddenly avoid.

the other ship's saucer appears to dwarf the Enterprise and that's when the Enterprise is closer to the viewer than the remains of the other ship.
Which depends mainly on your depth of field, as well you know. OTOH, since we don't see the edges of the mayflower saucer we don't actually know that it "appears to dwarf the Enterprise" at all. It just looks really really big because it's sideways-on and Enterprise is about to crash into it.
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