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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

This season is such a shame and a disgrace to fans and Star Trek. I can't believe the numerous mistakes, and shoddy VFX work done by "HTV Illuminate", now known as "Illuminate Hollywood". Grainy scenes, flat overall color. Just look at scenes where counselor Troi is sitting near a window with the starfield in back of her. Her hair is completely washed out and lacking any detail!

How could any VFX artist f*ck-up so badly on the shot of the Enterprise, where it wasn't aligned properly with the other layers? There is white outline around the saucer section in one scene! I'm terribly disappointed in Season 2. Not sure if it is all HTV Illuminate's fault, or Dan Curry, etc?

After season 7 is done, I would hope that CBS Digital would go back and redo season 2 properly. But it looks like we won't ever get redone, due to costs. Okuda said he was very happy with how season 2 turned out.
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