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Re: "...all 72 torpedoes are still in their tubes."

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But once again, there's no sense in him giving Kirk Khan's crew, when what he wants is the Klingon war. So any excuse for him accidentally giving Kirk Khan's crew is preferable to him doing it deliberately. Otherwise we have an idiot plot, even when we are supposed to be dealing with supersmart criminals.
We're talking about a conspiracy theorist (Orci). Their imagined conspiracies don't even make sense when they think they're talking about real life, so why would you expect them to make any more sense when imagining a conspiracy for a movie?

You can try to rescue the writing with fanwanks, but you really have to stretch a lot.

As for me, I simply accept that while STID has many good qualities, the screenplay isn't one of them. I enjoy it for what it is: an enjoyable ride for a couple of hours, not a movie that holds up very well on reflection.
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