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Re: its Star Trek IIIs 30th anniversary!

Nice to find this thread here. I had just realised that this was the 30th year of TSFS and it's good to know that I'm not the only one who appreciates this movie. Reading through the preceding comments I almost thought I wrote some of them I agree with them so much.

I hope it's not breaking any forum rules but I wrote a blog post about TSFS yesterday so I thought this might be an appropriate place to share it...

On the discussion about stealing the Enterprise...

On the way home from work today I discovered the soundtrack cd of TSFS was in the car so I popped it on. I pretty much went straight to Stealing the Enterprise and that in turn got me thinking about how hard or easy it would be to steal a Federation starship. (Hey, it was a long drive.)

I decided that the two people who probably could pull it off were Kirk and Scotty. I'm reminded of a line from the extended edition of Wrath of Khan after Kirk uses the prefix code to lower the Reliant's shields. He says something like "we're only alive because I knew something about how these ships work that he didn't."

Kirk changes the rules, he cheats. Scotty knows the shortcuts. They are in trusted positions. To use an IT metaphor if a trusted member of staff has powerful enough database access they can make the whole organisation grind to a halt, even if only for a few minutes.

Anyway, happy birthday III!
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