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Re: TSFS era Shuttle/Drone Defender Carrier

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But would your vessel actually require warp nacelles, since it´s supposed to operate close to Starbases? Impulse power might be enough - just a thought. Not having the nacelles would also make the design even more unique and unusual, which seems to be what you´re going for here.
This made me think about Spock's shuttle in TMP that utilized a warp 'sled' that detached itself so the shuttle could dock with the Enterprise. That would be an interesting design component for a smaller ship that only needs warp occasionally.
This did make me pause and consider it further- but I'm figuring the complexity for such a large ship and it hinders movement by not having warp capability.

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Nice design concept

I appreciate the idea behind this. You'll note on mine, the shuttle decks are port and starboard. They're also through deck. I'll have some basic interior shots soon hopefully.
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