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Re: Your ideal New Trek Series

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So not Star Trek.
Which is what people said about DS9 prior to it's premiere.
...and for some, many aspects of DS9 remain extremely un-Star Trek like after the entire run.

Each to their own of course, but for me, magic wizard "Prophet"/"Pah-wraith" showdowns, Ferengi caterwauling "MOOOOOGIIII", a horrible series long fascination with religion and "prophet worship", a drawn out tedious war, "Orb visions" etc., has nothing to do with Star Trek and reduced my enjoyment of the show.

Yes, I'm sure you could highlight similar tropes that appear in the other Trek series, but they weren't presented in the same "mystical" and extended way DS9 seemed to favour.
There was nothing "mystical" about "MOOOOOGIIII!"
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