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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Mal said:
od0_ital said:
Alright, I've got my "something else" for the next few days.

Niners, unite around James Cameron's Dark Angel!

Jessica Alba is teh pretty.


i've never actually seen her in anything, though.
Well, that pic is from Into the Blue - ya might wanna check it out, and keep an eye open for the Alba nip slip towards the end of the movie.

is dark angel any good????
Eh...I gave up on it when it originally aired on FOX, and after watchin' the first seven episodes yesterday, I have officially watched it more on DVD than I did on network television. Jessica Alba definately looks good in it, and John Savage is good at playin' a villian.

To keep this on topic, I'll probably get back to Babylon 5 this weekend, I just needed a bit of a break after goin' insane the other night.
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