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Re: Could a Kickstarter Campaign Help Start a New Series?

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CBS didn't really inherit Trek until after ENT got canceled. While Trek fans may be clamoring for a new Trek series, Trek is really just one of many properties that CBS owns. In a way, the success of the last two Trek movies by Paramount may have mitigated the need for a new Trek series to keep the brand afloat.

Additionally, the first-run syndicated drama market and UPN were the major factors for new Trek shows, things that CBS doesn't have to contend with.
My initial understanding was that CBS had somehow come into partnership with Paramount and purchased its Television Properties, thust "inheriting" STAR TREK, as you say. Then, someone "knowledgable" on these boards, I believe, informed me that CBS didn't "inherit" anything, that it had already owned it, or some junk. I don't even know, anymore ...
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