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I just saw Sleeper, the 1973 Woody Allen movie where he plays a guy who wakes up in 2173 after having been cryogenically frozen. I enjoyed it. It was played for comedy rather than scifi and that comedy ranged from silly to mildly amusing to laugh-out-loud funny. The social commentary was pretty decent. We got to see an overly regulated world where people lost some self-sufficiency due to too much convenience and comfort, something that's happening now. There was also a sex machine that was part gag and part commentary on how passion and human interaction has been lost. Then there was the underground movement that was trying to fight the system. The whole movie was reminiscent of Demolition Man. It even had it's Sandra Bullock in the form of a character named Luna, who I thought was quite the looker. To my surprise, she was played by Diane Keaton. I've never seen her in her younger years. She also reminded me of someone who I couldn't place. Then I realized it was Natalie Zea. I thought this was some of her best acting. She played someone who fit right into this future culture quite well and then hammed it up pretty good when things went in that direction.
Another interesting thing... While Demolition Man had Taco Bell, Sleeper used McDonald's. So many parallels. I'm looking to see if Demolition Man was inspired by Sleeper but I can't find anything.
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