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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

Neroon said:
Phily B said:
I'm getting a bit more into it now, the episode with the psychics was a bit lame especially the ending, but I enjoyed the episode after it with the anti-alien Earth people.
Can I ask specifically which episode you mean by "the psychics"? There are a couple whose description that could fit. I know you're probably not up on episode titles, but if you could give me a quick run-down of the plot.
Yeah, I'm not good with titles and I'm trying to avoid spoilers. It had to do with the one rogue psychic and Chekov trying to capture him, it was ok now that I think about it - just a bit boring and I didn't like the ending, it was just a bit far out. The episode after was good though, which was the anti-alien earth alliance thing.

I've only just started on Season 1, and I'm about to move onto Episode 7 now.
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