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Re: DS9 Caption Context 95: Inconstant Constable


TOUR GUIDE: Welcome to the Museum of Fine Arts. This piece is one we just acquired. By contrasting a vaguely human form with cold mechanical shapes, it explores and criticizes the role of technology in our lives, and suggests that perhaps it is the technology that is shaping us. This piece was done in 1994 by an artist living in New York, it is one of the earliest and some would say the best out of his modern phase.

LWAXANA: Jean-Luc told me all about you Odo. Now that I've met you, I've lost all interest in him.
ODO (Thinking): Picard you asshole...

ODO: Kira, look! I'm the player AND the piano!
KIRA: Haha, good one Odo.
ODO: And now I'm the stage. And the entire band!

CURZON: Audred, you're still in there right?
AUDRED: I find this body quite interesting. Just a small touch on the ears causes so much...
CURZON: There's no time. We have to make a break for it. Joran will ready the shuttle, we have Emeny standing by with the transporters to get us all aboard.
JORAN: Finally we have a chance to get away from Jadzia and all the hideous men she dates!

ODO: Kira, I'm supposed to drown now?
KIRA: Yes Odo. That's how the Titanic holosuite program ends. Now drown quickly. Next you play a vampire.
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