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DS9 Caption Context 95: Inconstant Constable

The last two weeks have been all about Quark, and this time right behind him -- isn't he always behind Quark -- is the good constable Odo, ever quick with a begruding comment or cynical observation. But he has a soft interior beneath that hard frown; you might even say he turns to goo. (Especially around the Major.)

But first! Winners!

CaptainJon wrote: View Post

Quark: I'm not sure of the correct pronunciation, but I believe it's called 'menage a trois'?
JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

BRUNT: Simon says aim the blaster. Raise your hand in the air. Quark, you're out.
FlyingSaucrDude wrote: View Post

It wasn't until half-way through their routine that Quark realized the Klingon Ballroom Dance Competition was to the death.
LeadHead wrote: View Post

Hagoth: Are the safeties on?
Quark: The weapon or the holosuite's?
Gaila: This is going to get very confusing very fast.
FlyingSaucrDude wrote: View Post

Some days you get the tribble. Other days the tribble gets you.

LeadHead wrote: View Post

Dax: (thinking) Our security measures stink. How the hell did Quark get aboard the Defiant?!

And now,...the Constable!

(Good luck.)

DS9 Caption Contest #125: The Defiant Ones
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