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Re: Should "Star Trek IV" have introduced a different NCC-1701-A?

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A ship suffering a "catastrophic systems failure" would be completely non-functional -- not travelling through the great barrier unscathed to the center of the galaxy...
"Catastrophic" was a misquotation on my part (typing from memory late at night) -- the exact quote from the TNG episode:

Data: The system automatically provides for self-correction, Captain. There has not been a systems-wide technological failure on a starship in seventy-nine years.
(Apologies, there.)

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Finally, the dialogue dating also confirms that it was TFF that Data was referring to, not TSFS -- "79 years ago" from 2366 is/was 2287, the year after TVH and the launch of Kirk's second Enterprise (Star Trek III having taken place in 2285).
The dates of the films were established/retconned by this quote, I though, not the other way around.
The dating actually derives from TNG production-office documents (the series bible, etc.) produced leading up to and following "Encounter at Farpoint," in which TNG was set 78 years following the events of Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (at that point, the last piece of filmed Trek material), with Data providing the onscreen date of the first season as 2364 in "The Neutral Zone" (placing TVH in the year 2286).

Two seasons later, in the third-season TNG premiere ("Evolution"), Michael Piller inserted the dialogue reference to Star Trek V in the episode, establishing the date of the film as taking place in 2287. This is the date used in the official chronology, as well.
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