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Re: Should "Star Trek IV" have introduced a different NCC-1701-A?

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It goes beyond just some doors -- there's several lines of dialogue in the movie ("Half the doors won't open," "The ship's in pieces"), plus Scotty having just "fixed [that damn thing]" (the Red Alert notification-system), the turbolifts messing up, and the transporters being completely down, which pretty much point to a massive systemic failure of some form aboard the Enterprise.
A ship suffering a "catastrophic systems failure" would be completely non-functional -- not travelling through the great barrier unscathed to the center of the galaxy...

Finally, the dialogue dating also confirms that it was TFF that Data was referring to, not TSFS -- "79 years ago" from 2366 is/was 2287, the year after TVH and the launch of Kirk's second Enterprise (Star Trek III having taken place in 2285).
The dates of the films were established/retconned by this quote, I though, not the other way around.
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