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Does anyone know how many of Wise's films had overtures?
I don't know, but his other big '60s road show, The Sand Pebbles, has a very nice Jerry Goldsmith overture:
Hmm. Sort of a forerunner to the Asian-style sounds Goldsmith used in his Rambo and Gremlins soundtracks.

Keep in mind that the film was made at a time of low-yield weapons and small nuclear arsenals, before the Soviets even had an intercontinental-range bomber. And also at an early point in the understanding of radiation's biological effects. People were still using X-ray machines in shoe stores in 1951, and US service members were being assembled in large numbers to witness nuclear tests, unprotected.
Okay, maybe. But it just shows how naive people were about nuclear weapons at the time, so naturally it hasn't aged well.

Even so, the movie has had some reappraisals that don't dismiss it completely, including one in The Atlantic a few years ago:
Hmm, interesting. So maybe the advice wasn't completely absurd. But the presentation, even if it was meant to avoid panicking the viewers, still feels like it's sugar-coating things and painting a dishonestly rosy picture.
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