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Re: USS Hercules Tactical/Security Staff

Want to try something less like the standard sim and more like a Tabletop game? Something where what you do actually matters and where your ships capabilities actually have a bearing on the game?

I did and have only been able to find the standard sim format here. So I'm starting a game at

Ship class to be determined by the group once it's assembled. Choices will be upgraded Ambassador class, stock Intrepid class, Steamrunner class with detachable science module, or an upgraded Niagara class.

You'll be helping to not only explore outer space but also a different format as I attempt to blend the Star Trek setting and aspects of simming into the Play by Forum RPGs using full dice mechanics that I generally run.


Many positions open. Including Captain!

EDIT: If you happen to know of another group doing something like that point me to them to at least check them out. I haven't been able to locate anything.
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