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Wow. Seriously? I've got to go with BillJ on this one.
Well, you're going with the idea that content edited on videotape can be bluray HD.

As far as blu ray being "hype", is now a standard and has been for a couple of years. I think we are way beyond the "hype".
It's hype mostly because the technology is advancing so quickly that any optical media standard seems obsolete at this point. Few years from now they'll start selling the new UltraHD Super Dooper re-releases on new discs, and all the previous ones are supposed to be old hat. Just milking more money out of people. With any luck optical media will go extinct, instead.
Just because technology keeps advancing doesn't mean that blu-ray is hype. DVD was superior to VHS does that mean DVD was hype?

Yes one day UHD will no doubt supplant HD, just as that might one day be replaced.

As for milking more money out of people, people have a choice they can either purchase it or not. As for blu-ray players they'll happily play DVD and upsacle it a bit, many people don't double dip and re-purchase a blu-ray of a DVD that they already own or if they do it's only a few films.

Optical media has several advantages over On Demand services.

1.>You don't require an Internet service

It might be shocking to hear but not everyone has the internet by restricting to On Demand services you lose customers. Not very good for buisness

2.>Even if you have Interent you don't require a fast connection

It might be shocking to hear but some people can barely stream SD never mind HD. See above loss of potential customers

3.>Might be rare that it occurs but with a physical disc you are not subject to outages by your ISP, On Demand provider.

4.>There is the potential that different studios might provide content as exclusives to a particular On Demand provider, so you might have to pay for multiple On Demand providers
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