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Re: The rise of the 4K TV(updated)

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Even this isnt a problem. There are sub $500 and sub $400 models that are less than 39" and from what I understand, the upscaling technology is excellet on most 4K tvs! Your 1080ps should look great. DVDs are another story, they really are obsolete anyway.
I can't afford to replace my DVDs, and they're not obsolete, as they are still being sold in huge numbers. VHS? Yeah, that's obsolete, but DVDs are still current media.
I simply don't think there's yet enough 1080p media to justify another technological jump. No one broadcasts in 1080p, my cable company doesn't send a 1080p signal to my house. Video game consoles still have trouble outputting games in 1080p/60.

It has only been about ten-years since the switchover from NTSC. I doubt broadcasters and cable companies are prepared to pay up again for 4K broadcast equipment.

This feels a lot like 3D. TV manufacturers trying to drive new sales. But they don't have the programming or equipment to back it up. Heck, the Xbox One and PS4 both have just launched and will be around for six or seven years before the next consoles hit.

Early talk about a 4K expansion of the brand's Video Unlimited streaming service has so far come to naught, and Netflix 4K is certainly not heading to either console.

The streaming VoD service, which will debut on 2014 4K UHD screens from Samsung, LG, Sony and Visio, requires a hardware HEVC h.265 decoder to work, something missing from both consoles.
This pretty much sums it up. It'll be several years before first 4k sources appear to get the full effect but even then the human eye won't notice a difference from 1080p to 4K.

Personally if i wanted to buy i'd go for a better screen technology like OLED to get a better picture. You will gain a far better picture quality with this new tech than just upping the resolution capability for which there is no source currently.
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