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Re: The rise of the 4K TV(updated)

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I love new technology but I think they are pushing this way too soon.

RAMA wrote:
Even this isnt a problem. There are sub $500 and sub $400 models that are less than 39" and from what I understand, the upscaling technology is excellet on most 4K tvs! Your 1080ps should look great. DVDs are another story, they really are obsolete anyway.
At 39", the human eye isn't going to be able to discern the difference between 1080p and 4K.

Possibly, but trust me I've seen more than one demo now, and at 50+ inches, it's very discernable.
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It seems likely that, as happened with 480i TVs, all TVs will simply become 4K and manufacturers will just stop making 1080p TVs. We are no doubt several years off from that, but it seems the likely outcome.

On the plus side, this means PC monitor resolutions will rebound from what is basically a dark age of shitty resolutions right now.
A would perhaps say a decade or so away before 4K TV's overtake current HD TV's.
It doesn't have to overtake it to be useful or popular.
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