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Could a Kickstarter Campaign Help Start a New Series?

There's been some projects lately that have been funded by Kickstarter that have helped entice studios to produce them as well. The recent Veronica Mars movie comes to mind. So I had the thought that if the right producer (like Ronald D. Moore, for example) was willing to run a new Trek series, could a Kickstarter campaign help entice CBS to produce it as well? The startup costs for a new Star Trek series would be high but those could be offset by a Kickstarter campaign that might help CBS consider funding the project if their own investment was lower thanks to contributions by fans.

Kickstarter could also help lead to the season renewals for the series. If fans and viewers are happy with the series and ratings are strong enough, perhaps a Kickstarter campaign around the mid-season mark could help provide further incentive for CBS to renew for another season. And if fans are dissatisfied with the direction of the series and don't donate, they don't need to and let the series be cancelled.

Just something I thought I'd share and get people's opinions on.
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