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Re: Why no Sela in 'Nemesis'?

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Nobody's suggesting Decius' friends are going around demanding everyone give him promotions and bonuses.
Somebody was suggesting that, actually.

It's simply understood that his friends are dangerous people, and NOT giving him a promotion isn't going to please them.
His friends are dangerous people, but the impression is that they're only going to make the Commander's life miserable. If Decius gets promoted because of that, then that's just an unintended consequence, and not the standard way people get promoted in the Empire, which was what the above person was suggesting.

Which the Romulans still let slide out of respect for that career. It may have been a magnanimous last gesture, but it was NOT the magnanimous last gesture of a nobody.
From Memory Alpha:

Tokath sacrificed his career by allowing [the Klingons] to stay, as he was forced to remain to supervise them to prevent their executions. Whether the decision was ratified by Tokath's own compassion, or by a Romulan political agenda to avoid seeming weak, is unclear. Also unclear is Tokath's military status--he is possibly still a member of the Romulan military as he wears a attire reminiscent of Romulan military uniforms, but not the prototypical uniform seen on known military personnel.
So there's quite a bit of murkiness about the situation...far too much murk to be able to adequately prove that Tokath was in any kind of position of power.

It was expanded on at some length in the Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock novelizations, though.
I know what the books say. That's irrelevant to what we saw on screen.

Saavik strongly implies the Romulans have a reputation for extreme brutality against their prisoners, apparently based on her personal experience.
Was this something Saavik mentioned in the films? I don't ever recall her talking about Romulans.
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