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Re: Twelve Reasons I Love Star Trek Into Darkness

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It's funny because those are all the exact things I hate about it. Particularly "the argument." Nothing says classic Star Trek like interrupting a life-and-death mission to bitch at your boyfriend about where your relationship is going.
Frankly, with respect, if you hated all twelve of BillJ's points, then did you ever even like TOS?

Besides, they weren't in any real danger, yet when Uhura confronted Spock. Didn't you ever wonder what in the world these people talked about in route to these missions? The weather? Or, are they just tense and silent the entire time? Kirk was uncomfortable with it, too, after all, which lends the scene some credibility to whether or not it was the appropriate time or place for the discussion. Sometimes emotions spill out at odd times, and the air has to be cleared.

Despite the humor involved and the admittedly ridiculous timing of the spat within the story (not ridiculous as a choice of the writers, but as a choice of the characters in that situation), it's also a critical scene for revealing what makes Spock tick. He chooses not to feel. The pain of losing Vulcan and his mother is too great to bear, so he suppresses it through strict self control. Self control that finally snaps when Kirk dies.
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