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Re: Twelve Reasons I Love Star Trek Into Darkness

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I started with five, then went to eight, to ten, then eleven and finally settling on twelve. I could have probably reeled off twenty easy but wanted a post that didn't waste people's time.
Hey, that's what we're hear for.

I always liked it when Trek used humor in certain moments to keep a scene from becoming too serious or tense. This movie did that well. Among them:
-- The look on Khan's face when Kirk tries to explain to him that he's already "jumped off a moving car, off a bridge, into your shot glass" along with Kirk's realization that he probably should've kept his mouth shut is a nice moment. Showed Kirk's nervous energy, too.
-- McCoy telling Kirk that he and Uhura had something to do with it, too, when Kirk says Spock saved his life is a classic McCoy quip and keeps the scene from becoming sentimental or "bromantic."
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