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Re: Twelve Reasons I Love Star Trek Into Darkness

Robert D. Robot wrote: View Post

I also did not initially accept the Enterprise maneuvering under water & in a Class M Planet's lower atmosphere, but I am willing to accept a different level of capabilities for the ship, compared to the assumptions that I had previously made about her Prime Universe 'sister' from TOS & movies.
When I first heard about it, my inner Trekkie was in a rage. When I saw it, my inner kid beat up my inner Trekkie and made him go sit in the corner.

Jedi_Master wrote: View Post

Nice list. I would add one.

13) It looked amazing on the big screen.
I started with five, then went to eight, to ten, then eleven and finally settling on twelve. I could have probably reeled off twenty easy but wanted a post that didn't waste people's time.
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