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Re: First Contact Time Travel Plot

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^ Yeah, I had a big problem with how they painted Cochrane. He was no longer a contemplative engineer/test pilot with some parochial attitudes as in "Metamorphosis", but presented as an alcoholic loon who didn't seem capable of adding up numbers on paper, and much less being able to design a warp ship. It's not James Cromwell's fault though, he did what the script asked for.
This, plus the fact that Picard never bothers to ask Lily what her actual involvement was with the Phoenix (he seems to assume she's some random gun-toting love interest who is only here for dramatic purposes) leads me to my personal theory that Zephram Cochrane had nothing to do with warp drive.

That rather, it was LILY who invented the warp drive and Zephram and was just a test pilot that Lily hired because she had no spaceflight experience and no practical knowledge of how to pilot a spacecraft. Cochrane simply took the credit for the invention because 1) Everyone on the Enterprise already believed he did it anyway and 2) Lily wasn't there to set the record straight.

That, to me, finally explains why Cochrane tries to run away just before the flight starts. "I don't want to be a statue!" It's not that he's afraid of the fame and fortune (he's clearly not, as he tells Riker later), it's that he's actually having a huge crisis of conscience getting rich and famous for something he never actually did (and also, he knows that Lily is probably going to murder him when she finds out).
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