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Re: Why no Sela in 'Nemesis'?

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In a militaristic and highly competitive society like the Romulan Empire, Decius' "friends" are extremely likely to lose their shit over their buddy having a spat with his CO. The same danger you face by demoting him is the inherent danger in passing him over for promotion or giving him the most important assignment all the time so he can get promoted that much faster.
But again, nobody outright mentioned anything about Decius getting promoted
That's irrelevant. Nobody's suggesting Decius' friends are going around demanding everyone give him promotions and bonuses. It's simply understood that his friends are dangerous people, and NOT giving him a promotion isn't going to please them.

Not everyone goes out of their way to avoid displeasing dangerous people. But enough people DO for it to become a significant advantage.

We also see a similar situation later where a Romulan general is presiding over a camp of Klingon prisoners which he has made his own personal colony; he, too, is indicated to be kind of a bigshot for the Romulans to let that slide.
The impression I got was that that particular commander was forced to maintain the colony or the prisoners would have been killed, and that he was doing it as a humanitarian gesture at the expense of his own career.
Which the Romulans still let slide out of respect for that career. It may have been a magnanimous last gesture, but it was NOT the magnanimous last gesture of a nobody.

When U.S. Presidents leave office in disgrace, they get their own libraries with a permanent full-time staff. When Burger King mangers leave office in disgrace, they get a cleaning bill for their former office. So what kind of Romulan gets to retire from the military to his own private fiefdom on a jungle planet surrounded by the POWs he personally captured and domesticated?

I'd like to point out that not only has it never been canonically established that Saavik is half-Romulan, but that even if those lines of dialogue stating that stayed in TWOK, there was no context to it. For all we know one of Saavik's parents was simply a defector who sought sanctuary on Vulcan and got married to a native.
It was expanded on at some length in the Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock novelizations, though. Saavik strongly implies the Romulans have a reputation for extreme brutality against their prisoners, apparently based on her personal experience.
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