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Por que TV?

Keeper, some of the "benefits" listed in that last article you linked sound specious, like some of the light slipping past you with flat screens. As for the whole "sweet spot" thing, I'd say that "most" people do not sit so close to a screen that it fills their entire field of view—based on an informal analysis of movie audiences over the years. (Almost no one would sit in that forward section of the cinema, but that's back when cinema screens were actually BIG. Today's multiplexes take the theater I saw STAR WARS in and cut it into four rooms, sometimes literally, as one can see the bizarre angling of the chairs.)

As for the immersed gamer, there's Oculus Rift and other VR visors. No doubt much cheaper and more effective than a 6-meter wrap-around TV.

If you want to know where OLED will really take off, I think it's in clothing. No more static T-shirt patterns. People will plug in their smartphones and run episodes of STAR TREK, or something like that.
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