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Re: Star Trek: Starships Model/Magazine Subscription

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Today saw the arrival of four more ships, acquired from Ebay.

Voyager has the same scale as the Furuta model but is longer. It reminds me of the comparison between the basic Intrepid class and Mark Rademaker's slipstream drive refit. The EM wins in detail and overall look but, as has been noted elsewhere, the ventral saucer section lacks in detail.

I applied glue to the connector between main hull and saucer section of Defiant because it felt wonky. Excellent model, even with the mirror universe arrowhead.

The D'deridex is something I've been waiting for, for ages, a medium sized Romulan warbird. I do have the AMT model, which is descent but too large to handle comfortably in one hand. I can't wait for the other Romulan ships in the series.

Last but not least, the Stargazer model succeeds in magically turning one of the ugliest ST designs into eye candy. While the trimmed saucer may be insufficiently accurate to the source, it is a definite improvement visually. Good thing I didn't skip that model!
I would have to say I'm thinking on ordering the stargazer also, The Galoob micro machine had the same slimmed down saucer that this has..and looks alot better for it.
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