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Re: Best of Bantam?

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I have a soft spot for Death's Angel, although it's a blatant Mary Sue story. If ultra-cheesy aliens turn you off (think bipedal crocodiles that talk...)
I was a bit disappointed with "Death's Angel", which I pounced upon the moment it hit Australian bookshop shelves (a three-month boat ride for all imports in those days). But a friend loved it, and saw it only as parody. He created this costume for a convention just a few weeks later, and won:

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As for the "Phoenix" novels, I found and read "Fate" first, frustrated in my long quest to find the first book in any condition. I enjoyed them, but had little to compare them to. It certainly helped reading Sondra Marshak's contributions to "Star Trek Lives!" around the same time.

"The Galactic Whirlpool" was wonderful, again partly because I has so few other Trek reading experiences to compare it to. "Starlog" magazine had promoted the novel with an advance excerpt. I was hooked!
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