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Re: Could every race join the Federation?

^ Was doing a count down for it to happen lol

In order to join the Federation, the Klingons will have to give up these cultural/political practices:

Barring women from serving on the High Council
Barring women from leading their own Houses
Accepting new chancellors who won in a duel
Killing military subordinates for only offering suggestions
The Right of Vengeance
Barring commoners from becoming officers
Crushing any states that want independence
House rule over general populations

I think this is just a handful of requirements--it may be much more. The Klingons would be asked to give up what they think sums up their actual culture--can they really do that?

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That sounds a lot like the Republic (Star Wars). And we know how that turned out.

it's a wonder the Federation didn't end up like the Republic.
Let's see, a powerful democratic institution for a thousand years, then a few decades of various civil wars, followed by (in the EU) a return to democracy.
I don't know. I think there's something to be said for the argument that, just like the Galactic Empire was to the Order of the Sith, the Galactic Republic was nothing more than a mechanism to legitimize and perpetuate the Jedi Order's dominance over Galactic civilization. It was never a genuine democracy, because real power was monopolized by the Jedi.
Their form of democracy always confused me. The senators were making important on the spot decisions without consulting their member worlds.

They actually gave a senate seat to a foreign corporation.

The Jedi was the defacto police force/military that recruited and elected
their own members.

The civil war and turning into an empire the way it did, even briefly, represented a humongous failure.

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