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Re: Charting the Novel-verse

So after perusing these forums for a few months, I've been *considering* getting back into trek novels. The last book I remember reading (which I'm sure isn't the last one I read, but it's the one that stuck with me) is SD Perry's Unity, which I remember thoroughly enjoying. Assume I haven't read anything post-that.

I see all these handy flow charts and lists and the like, and it looks to me like a lot of the numbered trek books I read when I was a kid (which I read TOS - VOY pretty religiously) aren't there. Is a distinction then made from earlier books to what's "canon" in the novelverse? It looks like a major undertaking to catch up with every series too, and that's more frightening by how much they interconnect. So what would suggestions be? I'd say in order of preference series wise I'd be into:

1. DS9
2. TOS
3. TNG
4. VOY

and I haven't even watched all of Enterprise yet so gonna hold off there. There seems to be a number of authors' own personal ships' crews as well? I remember when New Frontier came out, probably read the first 4 of those as well (and that crossed over with the Shatner penned books I think with a few characters?).

And next information wise my favorite books from the trek verse when I was younger were: Unity, Imzadi, My Enemy My Ally, Federation, The Captain's Daughter -- in no particular order there. Would appreciate recommendations!
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