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Re: Well, its here. The Universal Translator

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They should name it, 'Babel,' in difference to the biblical story where god allegedly punishes mankind for daring to build a tower to the heavens and gives everyone different languages. In short - suck it god.
Alta Vista used to have a translation service called Babel Fish. It was then acquired by Yahoo!, who shut it down in 2012, replacing it with Bing Translate. I think using the Babel name for the Bing product would be rather confusing.

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I chose the Bing translator because it's a Microsoft product and presumably they'd use the same translation algorithms that Bing uses to do the audio language conversions.
Your presumption is incorrect, according to the technology demo shared on Trek Today. The demonstrator points out that you might expect it to be a daisy-chaining of speech-to-text, translation, and text-to-speech services, but it doesn't work that way. He doesn't go into a lot of detail about how it does work, stating only that it's a neural net that does all of it at once, and whose inner workings are somewhat mysterious even to its own engineers.
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