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Re: TSFS era Shuttle/Drone Defender Carrier

Mario de Monti wrote: View Post
That sure looks interesting, although the square "saucer" will take some getting used to. But would your vessel actually require warp nacelles, since itīs supposed to operate close to Starbases? Impulse power might be enough - just a thought. Not having the nacelles would also make the design even more unique and unusual, which seems to be what youīre going for here.


PS: Itīs great to see one can actually draw inspiration from an office job once in a while
I'm going to keep the nacelles- I'm stuck on the idea that it still has to get around faster- and maybe the outskirts of a solar system or something to that effect.

I also have trouble with that square primary section- but a small circular one looks equally odd, so I thought what the hell? Keep with the odd square.

Inspiration comes from the oddest things sometimes, eh?

Captain Shade wrote: View Post
Kewl, design. It reminds me of Christopher Donovan's Kennedy Class Carrier...

I did my own version...

And I designed a refit of it...
That's a lot of ship. I like the refit more.

I've got a google SU (or whatever it's called now) of my ship in the works. It's letting me flesh out more details to the ship. Hopefully making it look more Star Trekky.
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