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That all only goes for TFT screens. I use a plasma flatscreen from Panasonic because I switched from a very good tube and plasma is the best compromise between tube and flat screen
It is the best compromise, indeed, but since Panasonic is now stopping production and most flat screens on the market are TFT, CRT TVs still have the upper hand in reproducing the best black levels.

The moment you switch off the lights and just look at the images on a flat screen will brutally reveal how "black" the blacks actually are (admittedly, I prefer to watch films in a home theatre enviironment so I don't get distracted from anything else in the room). It may not be an issue for most flat screen users watching with ambient daylight.

The opening scenes in "Master and Commander" are a good visual test to visualize how important solid black levels can be. On my DLP front projector it just looks "flat" (no depth because of insufficient black level reproduction) and my old Sony CRT front projector lacks capability to reveal HD resolution.

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