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3D-Printing Enthusiasts?

Does anyone here own a 3D printer or use a 3D-printing service provider? If so then which printer(s) do you own, and/or which 3D-printing services do you utilize?

I've been using Shapeways. I love it, but I am also this close to purchasing my own 3D printer. I've had my sights set on the FlashForge Creator X Dual Extrusion 3D Printer.

One more thing -- what sorts of things are you 3D-printing? I've been designing my own toy of Vehicle Team Voltron. Recently I began to think beyond the Voltron project, and the most appealing idea that comes to mind is designing a play set of the refit USS Enterprise NCC-1701, for use with the Mego 3-3/4" ST:TMP action figures and ERTL 3-3/4" Star Trek III action figures.
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