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Re: ENT: Tower of Babel by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Setting aside, for the moment, the sex and gender components, there's a lot of untapped storytelling potential (especially in Trek) in situations such as the apparent one faced by Navaar: how do you deal with an ally, a friend, a family member, who is totally not on your level? That was an interesting component of the Triumfeminate's story, and I wish it could've been maintained.
Ahh, but that component is still very much in play, just not the way you thought -- since Maras is a lot smarter than Navaar or D'Nesh. They're nowhere near her level.

The Federation's early years being characterized by threats from criminals and pirates is a good angle, and a nice contrast to the threats from 150 or 225 years later. I worry a little bit that stories will get tiresome, but I think Christopher will be able to keep it interesting.
There are some more variegated threats ahead, I assure you. And bigger ones.

But for having such potential, it just didn’t quite bring it home. The themes articulated and issues raised are great, very timely and thought-provoking. It's a nice story that's enjoyable to read– which just makes me wish it could've been a little more.

From what he says on his website, it sounds like Tower of Babel had a bit of a rough writing process. (That card trick, Christopher!) ) That's a shame. I feel like this book was really close to being among the best TrekLit out there; it just needed a like more time in development.
Honestly, I'm not entirely satisfied with this book myself; I was too rushed and there was too much that I didn't work out in as much depth as I should. And I really have no one to blame for that but myself, because I made a point of arranging for plenty of time but then made poor use of it. I fell badly behind on the outline due to a health issue, and so it was kind of a cursory outline and not a good foundation to build the manuscript on, so I got very stuck on portions of the manuscript, and had to basically improvise new plot threads in a number of portions, with very little time left to finish them. I did what I could to clean it up in revisions, but I can't disagree with the comments that it's not all it could've been.

But it's motivated me to try harder to make Uncertain Logic a stronger tale.
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