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A general word on CRT Tube TV sets: They still have a couple of advantages over modern flat screens. Black will be solid black and not just some shade of grey, and color fidelity usually is better than with most flat screens (of course, the wear of the phospors over time will no longer yield the rich original colors but most older programs - not yet remastered in HD - usually still look better on CRT TV than on a flat screen, i.e. CRT TV hides deficiencies in the image sources that flat screens will brutally reveal).
That all only goes for TFT screens. I use a plasma flatscreen from Panasonic because I switched from a very good tube and plasma is the best compromise between tube and flat screen: It has the same solid blacks (because a black plasma pixel is inactive like on a tube and not just blocks the light like with a TFT). It has almost the same reaction time like a tube, so watching sports programmes is not much of a problem - the details on green grass during camera pans are visible. And it also hides deficiencies, because the plasma picture has a slight grain that dithers the image slightly (without loosing any sharp edges).

The only disadvantages of plasma: It uses up more energy and you have to avoid static images since otherwise the pixels burn in (like station logos). Fortunatly plasmas offers options to prevent that (like switchting off the screen and have sound only, if you run it in the background or a scrolling white border to smoothen out burned in images).

Oh, and the plasma image flickers a little, because the pixels light up by fire them up. But if you come from a tube, you wont have a problem with it, because you are already used to the flickering.

Here is one scene of ENT on the Plasma from BluRay:

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