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Re: DTV Animated Star Trek Movies-It Could Be Done

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Might work better as being set in the Star Trek universe, but not trying to base it around a specific show. Though it could be left open for known characters/actors to make appearances as either vocal regulars or guests. That would make it flexible enough that they could do an episode as they had the time. You could still have completely new regular characters, voiced by perhaps name stars not affiliated with Trek previously, and then maybe have Dorn (for example) show up in a show as Worf for a 2-parter or something.
I was thinking of DTV animated movies based on Star Trek novels, myself, but I can see where you're coming from.

DC produces comic books. CBS produces award-winning television shows. I don't think CBS feels the same way about DTV stuff as DC does.
When all that you produce is a ton of crime shows and reality TV shows, it's time to diversify. And I wasn't talking about making them for TV, but home video. There are enough Trek fans to make a sale of these videos, especially if they make DTV animated movies based on the new movies (they also can make movies with the casts of TNG, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.
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