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It would show that Kirk had grown, and Kira made references to how the Federation wouldn't lift a finger during the occupation. I just think it would make a cool teaser and give the fans a nod.
The Federation didn't lift a finger during the Occupation because Bajor was located too far from Federation space, in what was legally considered neutral territory and where they would have no jurisdiction over the Cardassians, not because of the Prime Directive. Besides, STID takes place sixty years before the Cardassians conquered Bajor. So we won't see any conflict between the two races in Trek XIII. Or did Nero's arrival and the Kelvin's destruction for some reason cause the Occupation to start sixty years early?

I know lots of folks know the original series better then me, but one think to consider is ST VI did really well. They could do the Klingon War and end it with the Khitomer Accords like in VI. Granted I think that would be an easy out, but going to Khan was an easy out too...
Klingon War has already been done in the comics. Very recently, too (fall 2013). Since Orci signed off and allowed them to do it, that means it won't be in the movie.
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