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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I have the Atrox and I love that it gives a different type of gameplay, but you need to be aware there are many downsides.

The ship's turn rate and inertia makes movement clunky. It only has 6 weapon slots but is not considered a science vessel so it does not receive the Sensor Analysis although it does get Beam Target Subsystem abilities. So the Atrox depend heavily on fighters to contribute to its overall dps, otherwise they can be weaker than science vessels in terms of damage output. All this combined sometimes makes me just slot transphasic torpedos and turrets, autofire at 9-10km range and focus on sciencey stuff and healing teammates.

I have learn over time that I prefer durable fighters that can last for at least 30 seconds or longer in combat. Any fighter that gets destroyed in under half a minute quickly becomes a nuisance, forcing me to constantly launch new fighters and monitoring the hanger launch cooldown timer. So that rules out low-hull fighters like Delta Flyers, Peregrines, Tholian Widows, Obelisk Swarmers, Catian Stalkers and Romulan Scorpion Fighters. Repair Units only heal shields, and in my opinion they don't heal enough. Which means at least for myself, the only viable hanger is the Runabout and they don't do a lot of damage but they do well in slowing down opponent ships.

If you have the ec to spare and want a good carrier experience as a Fed, get either the Tholian Recluse or Jem'Hadar Dreadnaught. They are much, much better carriers than even the Fleet Atrox for the simple reason that they can launch durable and strong frigates.
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